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Extraordinary Breastfeeding

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The average momma only breast feeds her baby for around a year, however, some mommas take it much farther than that.NSFW!! Even to age 8!

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Anonymous said...

I breast fed mine until she was 3 and half, and she is the most helthiest,confident and happiest lil' girl. Childhood is already as short as it is why rush it, as you got the rest of your life be all grown up.


Anonymous said...

It is not true that the average mother only breastfeeds for a year. In most parts of the world the average child is breastfed for about 3 years. It is only in North America that it's perfectly acceptable for a child to use a soother or bottle well into toddlerhood, but taboo to breastfeed past a year, even though biologically speaking, as long as the child has a sucking need, it should be breastfed. Bottles and soothers are just artificial substitutes for the real thing.

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