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Christina Aguilera is FHM's Sexiest Woman

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Christina Aguilera is Sexiest Woman

Christina Aguilera's post-pregnancy body hasn't made her less sexy ... on the contrary, she's become sexier since she had her baby!

According to a poll conducted by FHM, which will be announced in April, Christina Aguilera is The Sexiest Woman in the world.

Christina's curvy body has earned her the title, especially that she's showing off her voluptuous body and not running to the gym to loose the baby fat like many other celebrity moms!

The men which voted for Christina Aguilera, increased the voting after she was spotted out and about flaunting her mommy curves and her new mommy boobs! Sorry! I had to say that ... 'cause it's the truth!

Who also made the list? Expectant actresses Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman came in way behind! Having baby bumps isn't the right way of making the Sexiest Woman list!

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