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When Someone Insults You: 12 Neat Comebacks

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Have you ever been taken by surprise when someone insulted you? Were you at a loss for words?

Put-down artists count on the element of surprise when launching insulting remarks. Master these comebacks and put put-down artists in their place.

When someone insults you, look him or her slowly up and down and come back with:

1. “Have you always been this way?” (They'll be left wondering what you mean.).
2. “Are you on medication for that?” Shake your head sadly.
3. “By the way, I've heard of a program for people like you. It's called Effective Communication Skills.”
4. Give them a pitying look and ask if you can get them an aspirin.
5. “Do you always mask insults with humor?”
6. Pat them on the shoulder and say: “It's obvious you are under stress. Is there anything I can do?”
7. Mention an acquaintance of yours who is always putting others down and make the observation that people who do this suffer from low self-esteem.
8. Thank the person profusely for pointing out what's wrong with you and lay it on thick until they get uncomfortable.
9. Laugh (purposely misunderstand them) and tell them that you are going to tell all your friends about their remark.
10. Give a big yawn and glance at your watch. (They see that their remark didn't get a reaction.).
11. “We are so alike in some ways, aren't we?” (This is particularly effective if someone has made an insulting remark about your weight.).
12. Ask the person to repeat what they just said. Then ask them to enlarge on it. Tell them you still don't quite get it and keep asking for more details.

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