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The Top 10 Bad Girl Moves

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It’s time to have some fun, while being bad. It’s not that difficult to do and just takes some readiness, enthusiasm and a lot of imagination. Here are some tips that will make your man’s heart pound.

10 – Pay him a booty call at work

Dial him up and purr into the phone that you’re about to pay him a little visit at the office. It’s bold and at the same time very loving. Guys love the attention and the exhilaration of it. Use his office, his car or even the forgotten stairwell. It will be well worth it. It’s instant gratification at its best.

9 – Put some porn on – he’ll love you for it

bad porn

Don’t feel ashamed, if you do, definitely rent one and watch it on your own beforehand. Nothing like watching a few overheated sex scenes to get him (and you) in a very heightened mood. Guys get off on it, we all know they do. No reason for us women not to as well. It’s a very sexy and bonding moment, nowhere near the taboo that it used to be deemed as. You’ll soon be having hotter sex than those couples on the screen.

8 – Throw in some dirty dialogue

From the moment you begin whispering those lusty words, he’ll be melting in your arms. Men like the images that go along with the dirty talk. Try it at a family gathering while sitting at the dinner table…whisper what you’ll do to him when you get home later. He won’t be thinking of anything other than what you’ve promised. He’ll be burning with desire by the time you get into the car.

7 – Dare to role play

bad roleplay

It’s one of the oldest games in the bedroom, but probably the most erotic form of play there is. Developing a sensual new you helps you discard any inhibitions you may have and liberates you to do anything you like. It can be a side he only sees during that role and one he may ask to see again. You can be anyone from a cheerleader or school girl (typical), to a hot sexy stripper. You choose - he honestly won’t care who it is.

6 – Lights stay on – not off

bad lights

That’s a tough one, isn’t it? But you should resist the urge to lunge for the light switch when the teasing begins. Stripping down to nothing under a 60 watt limelight may be petrifying, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you will love the spotlight after all. If it’s the brightness that’s making you shy, I’d suggest installing a dimmer switch to ease the sharpness of the light, or simply light lots of candles.

5 – Love Slave him

Time to become oh miss powerful panty-less commander. Of course this is where you command him to do WHATEVER YOU WANT. Things like making a little dirty demand will intensify the moment tenfold and leave him gasping for more. Rising to this occasion shouldn’t be a problem for any guy.

4 – Give him a massage - naked

bad massage

Have him turn over onto his stomach and straddle him naked while giving a soothing sensual massage. Keep in mind this is not a back rub where you’re relieving tension. Have a scented massage oil on hand and start by lightly kissing or touching his neck and shoulders.

3 – Be spontaneous

That’s both in and out of the bedroom. Life is busy, but you should make time to have fun together. Men can sometimes get bored rigid very easily if it’s humdrum day-to-day, or when things have become dull and monotonous every time. Spice it up and keep him on his toes.

2 – YOU initiate sex

Men don’t just love it, studies show that it’s what they crave the most! It’s a self esteem booster when we girls start things off because it’s not expected and it reminds him he’s worth it and has done a good job in the past. Guys get tired of having to be the one to initiate things, or having to ask. Surprise him by initiating and let him know that you want him, instead of him having to approach you.

1 – Get those thigh highs on

bad thigh

This is top on my list. I’m a believer in sexy lingerie and a romantic atmosphere however when you throw on a pair of thigh-highs, there’s just no outdoing them. Having sex with a pair of those babies on will have him howling... guaranteed.

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