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10 Sexiest WWE Divas- Wrestling Chick Countdown

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10 Sexiest WWE Divas- Wrestling Chick Countdown

1. Maria Kanellis
Maria Kanellis

The sexiest WWE diva had the most copies of her Playboy magazine sold out of all the other WWE girls.

2. Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle

Candice, the WWE champion got even more popular after the infamous Playboy naked shoot

3. Lita


Amy Dumas is sadly a retired diva, but remains one of the best female wrestlers ever who changed the opinion of many people that

4. Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson is a WWE SmackDown! diva who scored not one, but two Playboy covers. Since everyone was impressed with her first Playboy appearance, especially Sable who wanted to do a pictorial together with Torrie, making it of the hottest Playboy divas photo shoots…

5. Amy Webber

Amy Webber

The model/actress Amy Weber is best known for her time as Miss Amy in the ring of Smackdown! Weber retired in 2005 due to reported harassment from some of the wrestlers, since she was a mean girl on show, but she remains in our memory one of the sexiest WWE divas ever!

6.Christy Hemme

Christy Hemme

Christy Hemme is a very sexy and attractive TNA wrestler and WWE diva! But, for a beautiful redhead, this isn’t enough, so Christy is also known for her careers in acting, singing and modeling.

7. Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler

Also known as the bet legs of WWE federation! Stacy Keibler is an American actress and a former WWE diva who started wrestling as one of the Nitro Girls in WCW. She retired from wrestling in 2006 and is focused on her acting and keeping that hot body ever since…

8. Ashley Massaro

Ashley Massaro

The diva search winner of 2005, Ashley is one tough chick, proving that by participating in ‘Survivor: China’. With one of hotter pictorials in Playboy, Massaro justifies the sexy wrestling diva image…

9. Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool is a WWE SmackDown! diva who used to be a seventh grade teacher! Could you imagine the hot Miss. Cool teaching you somethin?

10. Trish Stratus
Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus or Patricia Anne Stratigias is a former Canadian fitness model and a former pro wrestler. She retired from WWE in 2006 after winning her 7th Women’s Championship, which is a WWE record so far! Trish was even proclaimed ‘diva of the decade’

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this list is perfect. just replace michelle with layla el.

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