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Popstar Lily Allen have a single friend in school

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Allen had no friends in schoolPopstar Lily Allen has revealed that she didn''t have a single friend in school, and thus the feeling of not having any pals goaded her to make huge number of internet pals. The Not Big hitmaker revealed that she went on to make the most number of "friends" on the MySpace networking site than anyone else in Britain.

"I didn't have a really tough time growing up, but I didn't have any friends at school," The Mirror quoted her as telling Independent magazine.

Lily further revealed that she was delighted to tell her mother that she had made a record of having the largest number of pals in Britain.

"When I still lived with my mum, she came upstairs and I was on my laptop. I said ''Mum, I've got the most friends in the whole of Great Britain,” she said.

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