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12 Extraordinary Gold Plated Stuff

Posted by Think Extraordinary on 5:55 AM 6 comments

1.Golden Porsche

Extraordinary Golden Porsche

2.Gold-plated Nintendo Wii

Extraordinary Gold-plated Nintendo Wii

3.Golden Bike

Extraordinary Golden Bike

4.Gold-plated Dildo

Extraordinary Gold-plated Dildo

5.Edible Gold Dessert

Extraordinary Edible Gold Dessert

6.Golden Toilet

Extraordinary Golden Toilet

7.Golden PC Case

Extraordinary Golden PC Case

8.Gold-Plated Pram

Extraordinary Gold-Plated Pram

9.Gold Pills

Extraordinary Gold Pills

10.Golden Bra

Extraordinary Golden Bra

11.Golden Keyboard

Extraordinary Golden Keyboard

12.Gold-plated Coffee Machine

Extraordinary Gold-plated Coffee Machine

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Anonymous said...

I wanna eat the gold Ice Cream and take a gold pill, but I wonder what the pill does?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Mmm gold-plated coffee machine <3

oddee said...

copied from

Do you think you can.. like.. not copy our articles?

Anonymous said...

what's the piont!!!

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