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15 Awesome and Cool Business Card Designs

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To be competitive in business, you’ve got to stand out – and there’s no better representation of your visual identity than your business card. While most are tucked into a wallet or desk drawer and quickly forgotten, others make people look twice, with designs that are funny, shocking or just incredibly unique. Here are 15 examples of amazing business cards that definitely leave a memorable impression.

Debt Recovery X-Ray Business Cards
Dept. of Energy Business ‘Cords’
Sprouting Garden Business Cards
Yuka Suzuki Hair Pins Business Cards
Razor Blade Business Cards
Headhunter Business Cards
Lock Picking Kit Business Cards
Stretch Rubber Personal Trainer Business Cards
Actual Size Pop-Up Business Cards
Structural Graphics Fax Machine Pop-Up Business Cards
Fashion Stylist Transparent Business Cards
Building Block Architecture Business Cards
We Love You(r Money) Business Cards
USB Business Cards
Brand Doctor Business Cards

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