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Manic Monkey Waiters in Japan

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Not your typical monkey business, two furry critters are making a monkey out of top-notch maître d’s as they serve tables waiting on hungry customers in Japan, working for nothing more than mere peanuts — or rather, soya beans, to be specific.

Manic Monkey Waiters in Japan
Manic Monkey Waiters in Japan
Manic Monkey Waiters in JapanThe two monkey waiters are the star attraction at the Kayabukiya tavern, a traditional “sake house” north of Tokyo, which employed the uniformed Japanese macaque.

Yat-chan and Fuku-chan serve customers drinks and hot towels to clean their hands before they order, as per Japanese custom, and are given soya beans as tips which they get to eat in their down-time.

Four-year-old Fuku-chan has only 2 years experience under his furry belt, so his work load is limited to hot towels.

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