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Team Work:

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Ants are a wonderful source to learn how we can work together, ever so often we see a bunch of ants doing incredible things when they join their hands to carry unimaginable sizes and weights of food morsel or twigs. What would the outcome of the human race be if we all joined our hands together?

Team Work

The Selfish Rot:

Before the Chickoo becomes a fruit, it has this long needle like part sticking out, which looks like as if it has its hand raised. This makes the chickoo kind of selfish with the needle sticking out makes it look like an 'I'. The self-centered chickoo also has a very course skin, but as the 'I' disappears the chickoo becomes a nice smooth skinned fruit.

The Selfish Rot

Superficial Beauty:

So many people make the time to look at themselves in the mirror, adjust their hair, their clothes, unfortunately all they do is waste their time, for this only counts in the materialistic world.

Superficial Beauty

Beauty Within:

Unlike superficial beauty, the inner beauty is what counts, once you realise that you begin to radiate joy and make not just yourself but everything around you also look beautiful. This is like enlightenment, learning to be beautiful within, is much more difficult than standing in front of the mirror and combing ones hair.

Beauty Within

So Many Paths:

There are so many paths, to attain moksa, nirvana or enlightenment. Some may be of your fancy some may be not, do not criticise paths that others choose to walk as each one has their own tests and trials. When the time comes we will understand why but till then only compassion and love for all will keep us on the right track.

So Many Paths

Run But You Cannot Hide:

Sometimes we lie to cover things up, sometimes we try to hide and conceal the truth just like this chameleon who camouflages himself to hide himself from predators. But can you hide from yourself? The chameleon will always know that its hiding.

Run But You Cannot Hide

Resin View:

There are certain types of plant resins that give you new views on your journey through life. Try all of them for a new view, God gave them to you.

Resin View

Reaching Out Before I'm Old:

The picture below has a crab claw (bird of paradise flower), thats got its insides sticking out like hands stretching to reach out. The crab claws tend to do these things before they finally die. If we all reach out before we grow old there would be others who will reach out to us when we get older.

Reaching Out Before I'm Old

Old and the New:

The cycle goes on as the days pass by the old will be replaced by the new, the new will become old and there is no stopping the aging no matter what you do.

Old and the New

Not Always a Bunch of Roses:

Life is never a bunch of roses, but by understanding the reasons how we can make even the most miserable moments the most joyous. Beauty can be found in everything and in everyone, and even a bunch of roses have their thorns.

Not Always a Bunch of Roses

Love Anthers Entangle:

When you are in love, there are times you will feel choked and suffocated, like these anthers that entangle themselves with each other. Unfortunately I have no solution to this one, you have to give me one here!

Love Anthers Entangle

Losing Focus:

Sometimes we set our self with these big ambitions and goals, we tend to lose focus on the things at hand. We could be happy with what we have, but we crave for more and more all the time and we lose focus on the real things that make us human, like our ability to share.

Loosing Focus

Life the Never Ending Journey:

You may continue to walk down the fresh green path again and again but unless you truly understand your purpose in this life, it will always be a never-ending journey.

Life the Never Ending Journey

Life From Death:

Remember when you die, you will give a range of insects and worms new life. But if you live your life by giving people new lives, you will never die.

Life From Death

Internal Cells:

All of us have walls and barriers built as we are taught and fed by our parents, teachers and governments. Each of these barriers create a prison for our true inner self. Free yourself from these cells and love everyone from every part of the world.

Internal Cells

Flowers that Bear Fruit:

We spoke about flowers and beauty, it feels good to be beautiful, but to be a fruit that can be of service to another is heavenly. Some flowers turn into fruits, a flower that does not, withers and dies. Turn in to a fruit before its your time to wither and die.

Flowers that Bear Fruit

Flower Power:

This flower reminds me of a missile, a big fat bomb, if all the bombs just turned in to petals and flowers as they fell down on the earth imagine the power of those bombs.

Flower Power

Colour Your Life:

Life is a wonderful thing, don't miss out on all the colours and flavors, they just make you a more colourful person.

Colour Your Life

Blood Suckers:

So often we come across blood suckers, especially in offices and the corporate system. Although they do not have red necks like these people to warn you. But sooner or later their true colours always prevail.

Blood Suckers

Big and Beautiful:

Some flowers are bigger and more beautiful than others, but they too come to an end. Like the smaller and ugly flowers, but this was the biggest Hibiscus I have seen till date!

Big and Beautiful Hibiscus

Are You Lost:

So much of turmoil and chaos surrounds you on this journey through life, be strong and do not let yourself be part of it.

Are You Lost

All the Same:

Though we may be of different sizes, shapes and colours, we are all the same, blood and veins.

All the Same

Standing for the Crowd:

Throughout life we have been taught to stand out of the crowd, that's kind of ridiculous. If you stand, stand for the crowd, be the one, like these flowers, to look out for the ones, who have not yet blossomed. Then when they blossom, they all stand up for you.

Standing for the Crowd

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