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World's Smallest Dog : 4-inch Lake County Chihuahua

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tiny dancerChihuahua smallest dog

4-inch Lake County Chihuahua

The smallest dog is probably the 4-inch Chihuahua named "Tiny Dancer", he is a brown, long haired tiny Chihuahua. He weighs 18 ounces and isn't taller then 4 inches.

With a bit of luck "Dancer" will be listed in the Guinness World Records, what would be great, but he first needs to reach the age of 1 year before being listed in the book. The former smallest dog Danka Kordak of Slovakia was 5.4 inches tall , from foot to the top of the shoulder according to Guinness.

This makes "Tiny Dancer" approximately 1 inch smaller, Gomes the owner says :" Once my little Dancer will reach the age of 1 then we would give him a big party!"

It all began when Gomes founded the abandoned Chihuahua from his neighbor who moved. So Gomes rescued the dog who was in a bad shape. They saw that she was pregnant and when she gave birth to her puppies they saw one tiny pup " Tiny Dancer". First they thought that she would die, but a miracle happened and she stayed alive.

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