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18 t-shirts should NOT wear to meet your girlfriend’s parents.

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Meeting the girlfriend’s parents for the first time is intimidating. There are others, however, that use humor on t-shirts to ease the tension. 18 t-shirts that you probably should NOT wear to meet your girlfriend’s parents.

Dry Hump T-shirt

This one will certainly bring you into the family. Or kick your ass to the curb. Wear this shirt to score some points with your girlfriend’s father and instantly be welcomed into the family!

Wish You Were Beer Tee

Ahh, beer. It’s what’s for dinner. And it could be, if you wear this shirt and lick your chops like you’re aching for a cool tall one. Put on your most adorable face to Mom, all the while pointing at your t-shirt and hope she gets the hint.

Me So Horny Tee

This t-shirt will definitely have all eyes on you at the dinner table. As Mom passes you the peas, flash a big smile and watch in horror as she blushes and becomes intently focused on her food. Also watch as you get the evil eye from Dad.

I Like It On Top Tee

Let’s say you’re at her parent’s house and there’s a bad snowstorm that causes you to be snowed in and stuck there overnight. By wearing this shirt, you will have let them know that yes, you’d be happy to be on the top… bunk. Yeah, right.

Poot Tee

Everyone loves a good fart joke… everyone except your girlfriend’s parents. So when you let one rip at the dinner table, your cover will be blown, because you won’t be able to blame it on the dog.

Sexual Predator Tee

If dad was wondering what kind of guy his daughter is currently dating, at least he will now know that you aren’t some kind of sexual predator. Wearing this t-shirt may make you seem suspicious, but her dad doesn’t need to know about the time you spent in jail for indecent exposure, right?

Just Got Laid Tee

Show the parents how much you appreciate farm-fresh eggs. Everyone loves fresh eggs, right?

Hot Grill on Grill Action Tee

Wear this t-shirt to suggest to dad that you’re up for anything, even a barbecue! The two of you can bond over the grill while cooking hot dogs. Just don’t let him know that you’d like his daughter to cook your hot dog.

We’re Going Streaking Tee

After dinner with the parents, conversation usually rolls around to wondering ‘What are you two kids up to after dinner tonight?’ Instead of wasting your breath, just point to this t-shirt with that winning smile of yours to let dad know how adventurous you and his daughter are.

With a Shirt Like This Tee

This is one of those t-shirts that goes great with… what else… no pants! If you’re ballsy enough to actually wear this shirt without any pants, more power to you! Of course, be prepared to be kicked out on your bare ass and never invited back again.

O-Face Office Space Tee

If you haven’t seen Office Space, go see it right now. Then proudly wear this shirt to her parent’s house and watch her father give you his own version of the O-Face as he realizes just exactly what the O-Face is.

TeaBagging Tee

Teabagging is a mystery to many. Well, now it doesn’t have to be! With the graphics on this shirt, no one will ever question what it means to teabag someone. Maybe it’ll teach her parents a thing or two, as well as spice up their marriage.

My Other Ride is Your Mom Tee

Of course dad is going to take this shirt the wrong way, but politely explain to him that your other car is literally named ‘Your Mom’, as a tribute to your mother.

Single and Disease Free Tee

Fathers always want to know that their daughters are practicing safe sex, in other words, no sex at all. Let her parents know that you are a responsible individual and regularly get tested by wearing this shirt.

Try Another Hole Tee

You might be able to get away with wearing this t-shirt because only you will know the true meaning of it. When her parents take it the wrong way, politely point out to them that you are talking about computer parts and nothing else. Pretend to be shocked at their insinuation and maybe you can score some points as the sensitive/naive guy… NOT.

The Price is Wrong Bitch Tee

Everyone on the planet watches The Price is Right, and her parents probably do too. Show mom and dad that you have similar interests with this classic t-shirt and spark up a lovely conversation about Plinko and who knows, maybe you’ll win them over.

Gimme Head Tee

‘Revenge of the Nerds’ is a classic movie loved by all and you can show your support for Booger by wearing the same t-shirt he wore. Be sure to explain this to her parents beforehand though, because a punch in the face from dad just isn’t worth it if you don’t get the chance to explain your infatuation with nerds.

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