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40 Stunning Examples of Fantasy Character Designs

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Microworld Microworld Warhammer Archer Warhammer Archer BrainStorm BrainStorm Time to Prey Time to PreyFire StarterFire Starter
The White DeerThe White Deerasteroid n351asteroid n351Rune Wizard img class="img_thumb" src="" alt="Rune Wizard" /> The Soulforged The Soulforged Taurus Taurus Master of the Bottle Master of the Bottle NecromancerNecromancer Asmodian CarnageAsmodian CarnageBehemoth img class="img_thumb" src="" alt="Behemoth" />Captain Exile
Captain Exile Little Run-away Princess img class="img_thumb" src="" alt="Little Run-away Princess" />Hell AngelHell AngelsNightElf NightElfFriend or Foe?
Friend or Foe?On the Precipice of the Universe
On the Precipice of the UniverseMaster & Servant
Master & Servant

Helena the ArcherHelena the Archer
They picked on the wrong girl, alrightThey picked on the wrong girl, alrightElf Girl
Elf Girl
FantasyMalice Shinigami
Malice Shinigami
Mightimg class="img_thumb" src="" alt="Might" />
FellbeastThe Frost Witch
The Frost WitchArthas’ Tears
Arthas' TearsWarrior
The Fall of the Elsar
The Fall of the ElsarRed Sonja
Red SonjaBlood Knight
Blood Knight
SorcererFire Arm Warrior
Fire Arm Warrior
Breaking the Ice
Breaking the Ice

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