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NY dairy farmer kills 51 cows, turns gun on and kill himself

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farmer kills 51 cows

Copake dairy farmer Dean Pierson went into his barn with a rifle and killed all 51 of his milk cows before turning the gun on himself, ending his own life.

According to the New York State Police out of Livingston, around 1 p.m. a milk man came to the barn to make his pick-up and found a note on the door that said not to come in and to call the police. “He was basically trying to save any family or friends from having to discover him,” said Capt. Scott Brown.

Brown said at that time a neighboring farmer did go in to see what had happened. He discovered Pierson and called 911.

Trooper Charles Butenhoff arrived at the scene shortly thereafter and upon entering the barn found Pierson on the ground, already deceased. Trooper Butenhoff then saw the 51 cows lying dead in their rows of milking stalls. Brown said Pierson was efficient and selective, only killing the milk cows, leaving his heifers and calves to survive.

Brown, Bureau of Criminal Investigations Investigator Kelly Taylor, Investigator Abdul Weed and Sgt. Station Commander Kimberly Adriance then responded to the scene. “The investigation did reveal he was having personal issues,” Brown said. “It was a very unusual, bizarre case. And it’s unfortunate. We handle numerous suicides a year but nothing like this. Mr. Pierson was a well respected dairy farmer.”

On Friday morning farmers from around Copake came together and dug a large trench beside the barn to bury the bodies of the cows. Out of respect for Pierson’s family the men said they would leave any comments on the matter to the police and Pierson’s widow.

“It’s a hard time to be a farmer these days,” one man said from inside the fence.
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