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Latest Polish emigration (Lost Generation)

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British media repeatedly report that the Polish immigrants returning from the Islands. But that's probably wishful thinking, because there is no great wave of return ...

Do not leave people weak, just so. pioneers, you dynamic, ready for anything. A trip "pioneers" in Polish B causes even more stagnation and slowdown. Interview with prof. Krystyna Iglicka

To begin with, we're talking about 2 million immigrants, mostly young people, of which 700 thousand. is in the British Isles. As many as 70 percent. of these 2 million are abroad more than a year. By any definition, they are no longer residents of countries in which they live.

Returned 60 thousand. people, including the UK - 40 thousand. So there is no mass return, there are only exploratory missions. Come to a moment of Polish, check here how to live, and return abroad.

Poles are still trying to find its place somewhere in Europe. That is why in times of crisis, the number of Polish immigrants in Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway.

Emigration after 2004 was to some extent the export of unemployment. Caused by several structural factors. If we understand this we see that they do not have to which to return.

First, the baby boom generation moved '80s, the Polish labor market could not absorb. Second, these young people become victims of a huge mismatch Polish educational system and the labor market. We were simply an overproduction of humanities. Those humanists chose desperately legal work abroad than their natural classification.

As if no work dishonors the students in the West also work physically during the holidays. But this work of Poles who went to clean or wash the dishes, begins to lengthen. Lasts up to five years. Some of them tried to return, others are wondering, examine what is happening in Poland.

Those who decide to go back, think so: what is experienced, it was the trauma of exile, I did it for the money, but after returning to want to be a Polish art historian, lawyer, banker, etc. But, unfortunately, there is no place for them in these professions.

They are not attractive for Polish employers, as confirmed by my research and studies of the Leviathan of 500 entrepreneurs. CVs of these immigrants do not enriched, in addition to the entries may be a bar or working in child care. Their good English is a myth. In Britain, the Poles are working mainly among their friends and - possibly - the Slovaks or Lithuanians. Get on as it can, not necessarily in English. To learn do not have too much time.

There is one important psychological and economic problems. These people traveled abroad with the idea that there is something make copies of that return and what will have to boast. But colloquially speaking - not odkuli to increased prices in Poland. The credit for the apartment is not easy, etc. In addition to returning must accept that it will get 2-2.5 thousand. gold, while there earn 8-9 thousand. And although the rates were "Pakistani" is able to put off something of the wage, for example, to send a few pennies a family in Poland.

I moved a lot of interviews with returning. One of the girls told me how, after returning to the country got its first bar of the salary, which could be seen the sum of 1.5 thousand. zł. Burst into tears.

We must also remember that the emigration of people change: opening before them the great world, living in another culture, another air to breathe, he sees the color of people on the streets. While there, do not feel good, because we are immigrants. But back to the Polish, we are beginning to feel tight, we are lost. So too bad.

So since 2004 the Polish evaporated 2 million people. All found themselves in a purgatory - is no longer the Poles from Polish, but they are not even British, Dutch and Belgians ...

- Just trace the immigrant forums - what there is frustration there! For these people, Poland is her stepmother. Accusing Polish defense mechanism is, of course, because no one threw the people of the country. But no one expected such a huge wave of emigration. Analysis made before 2004, they said, for example, that Britain will go to 40 thousand. people

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