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Top 10 scandals at Vancouver Olympics

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1. The porn-watching skier

Top 10 scandals at Vancouver Olympics

Odd-Bjoern Hjelmeset of Norway skies during the men's cross country 4 x 10 km relay race at the Nordic World Championships in Liberec February 27, 2009.

BEIJING,March 2-- After winning the silver of 4x10 men's 4X10-kilometer cross-country skiing relay, the Norwegian skier Odd-Bjoern Hjelmeset blamed his bad ski run for watching too much porn.

"I think I have seen too much porn in the last 14 days," he said, "I have the room next to Petter Northug(the gold medal-winner) and every day there is noise in there. By the way Tiger Woods is a really good man."

2. U.S. snowboarder gave up games for risque photos

Top 10 scandals at Vancouver Olympics

U.S. athlete competes at men's halfpipe competition at Vancouver Olympic on Feb. 17, 2010.

After his smutty photos outflowed, U.S. snowboarder Scotty Lago was forced by United States Ski and Snowboard Association to leave the Olympics. The photos showed a woman kissing Lago's bronze medal near his waist.

Scotty Lago won the bronze medal in the men's halfpipe competition at Vancouver Olympic Games.

3. Topless Germany curling star

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Germany's curler Melanie Robillard

This is another racy photo event. It's reported that Germany's curler Melanie Robillard took part in the half-naked photo shoot to raise money for local ice rinks in her area.

4. The Olympics organizer sent almost 100,000 condoms to athletes

Top 10 scandals at Vancouver Olympics

A panoramic view of the downtown core is seen from a bedroom in one of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia October 9, 2009.

The host country Canada had provided 100,000 free condoms to 7,000 athletes and officials in the Olympic Village, which works out at about 14 condoms per person!

But maybe that was far from enough. The officials of VANOC had to ship another supply of condoms after supplies ran dangerously low during the Olympics.

5. U.S. bobsleigher arrested for assault

Top 10 scandals at Vancouver Olympics

The U.S. team competes during four-man bobsleigh competition at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler, British Columbia, February 26, 2010.

Two days before the Olympics started, American bobsleigh pilot Bill Schuffenhauer was detained by Canadian police for assaulting his fiancée.

6. When Olympics becomes the excuse of guzzle

According to a Time magazine report the Canadian public have taken the Olympics as the perfect excuse to indulge in some serious drinking.

The reporter writes: "You can't help but think to yourself: 'These must be the drunkest Olympics ever.'"

Local hospitals received a number of patients with alcohol-related sicknesses and injuries during the Olympics.

7. The underage-drinking ice hockey queen

Top 10 scandals at Vancouver Olympics

Marie-Philip Poulin of Canada women's hockey team

The Canadian women's hockey team members drank beer and champagne on the ice rink after defeating the U.S. team. That caused a stir among officials.

What is worse, the star player Marie-Philip Poulin, 18, is under British Columbia's legal drinking age of 19. She was seen taking part in the revel on the ice.

8. TV commentators compared U.S. male ice skater to Brokeback Mountain

Vancouver Olympics extraordinary-thing

U.S. skater Johnny Weir

Australian TV sports commentators Eddie McGuire and Mick Molloy came under fire for describing male ice skaters' routines as "Brokeback Mountain" exercises.

9. The fault of the torch lighting ceremony

Vancouver Olympics

The Olympic flame is lit during the opening ceremony for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games inside the BC Place stadium in Vancouver, Canada on Feb. 12, 2010.

During the lighting of the Olympic torch at the opening ceremony, one of the four pillars of the Olympic cauldron didn't rise up.

This technical malfunction resulted in speed skater Catriona Le May Doan looking awkward when she couldn't ignite the flame.

10. The fatal mistake of coach

The fatal mistake of coach

Sven Kramer of the Netherlands competes in the men's 10,000 metres speed skating race at the Richmond Olympic Oval during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, February 23, 2010.

Dutch speed skater Sven Kramer lost his gold in the 10,000m race after his coach guided him into the wrong lane.

However, Kramer, who was cruising to victory, has suggested a new coach will be joining him for the 2014 Games.

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