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15 Extraordinary Secret Indoor Gardens

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The following 15 gardens are amazing examples of how modern technology can bring nature indoors.

1. Gardens Under Tokyo Bank Vaulttokyo skscraper garden

This garden, which is hidden underneath an office building in the Otemachi business district in Tokyo is the perfect example of a secret hidden garden. It is an underground rice and vegetable field which takes advantage of the existing structure. This area was once used to house a bank vault, but thanks to computer controlled light and temperature it is the perfect growing area for these amazing plants.


2. Indoor Vertical Garden


Would you think this is an optical illusion, a painting or truthfully an indoor vertical garden? This unique indoor garden is 8 meters long by almost 6 meters wide. The designer of this stunning indoor garden, Patrick Blanc created this unique piece for the national concert hall located in Taipei, Taiwan. This structure continues to wow visitors whenever they visit the concert hall.


3. Subway Garden


Another subway secret garden is on the tram stop to Koraku-en. It’s underground and surrounded by glass; lit by sun lamps; and every now and then a mist spray watered it. This image could be a glimpse of what the future holds for all indoors plants.


4. Madrid Main Train Station

madrid main station

Have you ever wanted to cross though a Jungle during your morning commute? This indoor garden isn’t so secretive but it sure is amazing! Madrid, Spain is the next stop in the awesome secret gardens of the world. Atocha is the main train station for Madrid and has a beautiful garden simply known as the JUNGLE.

The original station that stood here was destroyed by fire and was rebuilt by Alberto de Palacio Elissage and Gustave Eiffel- the guy who built the Eiffel Tower!

While you might have to catch a train it’s worth spending at least a few moments walking though the many unique walkways that this garden contains.


5. Singapore Changai Airport Garden

Singapore Airport Garden

These unique indoor gardens are at an airport in Changi Singapore. The orchid garden displays more than 15 unique species of the flower, and the rooftop cactus garden is also quite unique to the airport. If you get a chance it’s worth checking out the unique butterfly garden with more than 1,000 roaming butterflies native to both Singapore and Malaysia.

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6. Earths Largest Indoor Garden


The Eden Project is one of the largest hidden gardens in the entire world. It is the largest greenhouse on earth and plants are growing extremely well under the domes. One of the largest domes on the site, as well as one of the most visited is the Rainforest Biome. It is 180 feet high, 328 feet wide and 656 feet long.


7. Gardens of Opryland

oprylands cascades atrium

The Atriums & Gardens of Opryland are not as hidden as some of these other secret indoor gardens, but they offer beauty just the same. These gardens cover an impressive nine acres of thick greenery and are separated into three distinct areas: the Cascades, the Delta and the Garden Conservatory.

The garden includes a 44 foot waterfall and even a indoor riverboat cruise! Throughout the three exhibits there are 50,000 total plants, many unique water features, and masses of beautiful foliage that are in full bloom.


8. Indoor Household Garden

Indoor Japanse Garden Room

Designed by Japanese architects, Supposed Design Office, this unique garden is called “The House” and is found in a home in Nagoya, Japan. While some homes may feature an outdoor space for a garden, this home features an entire room for it’s garden!


9. Saudi Awesome Indoor Garden


This futuristic piece of architecture in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, is going to be home of the largest indoor gardens in the world. The dome will cover over 24 acres! These two crescent-shaped sections will interlock including many of the key botanical elements from around the world.


10. Garden Inside A PC Case

Obviously a good one to conceal marijuana or other illegal crops, just but also an interesting recycling method to keep other plants. What not grow a mini herb garden in an old computer?


11. Underground Garden installation

underground garden

We typically think of subway stations as being dark and boring. However, The Underground Garden installation at Platform makes this into a living project that was designed to deal with the strange and odd problems of subway structures maintenance. Certain plants can survive underground for many months using only fluorescent light!


12. Indoor Garden Waterfall

chicago botanic garden waterfall

This small waterfall is located inside the greenhouse at the Regenstein center, Chicago Botanic Garden. While many cities are proud to have indoor waterfalls, this unique design allows visitors to truly see something special. Whether you like the view of the unique terrace waterfall or the fauna around it, enjoy this natural creation!


13. Forestiere Underground Gardens

Forestiere Underground Gardens


There are a long series of myths about this secret underground complex. Well, it turns out there are some that actually true. In 1906, Forestiere spent 40 years building (using only his farmer’s tools and two mules, with no dynamites) a complex of underground rooms, passageways, and garden, complete with skylights and catch basins for water. The garden is completely unique and even has been designated a national landmark important to history.

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14. Bank of America Garden

Bank of America Garden

Bank of America has been one of the most hated companies in the United States as of recently. The secret indoor garden inside of the New York office have installed living sculptures in the Urban Garden Room at Bank of America Tower’s 60-foot high street-level atrium space at One Bryant Park, New York. The Durst Organization, the building’s owner and developer, commissioned WRT to create an appropriate – natural – signature for New York City’s first LEED Platinum office tower.


15. Paris Metro Garden

undergound garden paris metro

The Paris Metro is one of the busiest subway systems in the entire world. You may think it almost impossible to find a hidden space or secret indoor garden within this system, but This garden is found on the line 14! Only gardeners are allowed to enter this exotic paradise, however, all can experience the beauty as they walk around the entire subway station!


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