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20 characters that have the greatest impact on human history

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1st Muhammad - the prophet and the founder of Islam

Muslims believe that it is the last prophet of the one God Allah and the Quran - Islam's holy book, was forwarded to him by God during the apparitions.


2nd Sir Isaac Newton - was an English mathematician, astronomer, physicist, philosopher, historian, alchemist and scholar of the Bible.

Introduced the law of universal gravitation. His research led to a revolution in the world of science and the adoption of the heliocentric theory.


3rd Jesus Christ - the anointed, the Messiah, the anointed.

The main character of Christianity. According to believers, the founder of the Church, the Son of God and Saviour. For many faiths wcielenim Jesus is God in the person of God's Son. In Islam it is regarded as a prophet.

jezus chrystus.jpg

4th Shakyamuni Buddha - the founder of one of the universal world religion - Buddhism.Budda Siakjamuni.jpg

5th Confucius - Chinese philosopher. Creator konfucjonizmu.


6th Paul of Tarsus, Paul the Apostle - Jewish theologian called the Apostle to the Gentiles.

pawel z tarsu.jpg

7th Cai Lun - inventor of paper.cai-lun-b.jpg

8th Johannes Gutenberg - the creator of the first method of printing in the world.johannes-gutenberg.jpg

9th Christopher Columbus - discoverer of America.


10th Albert Einstein - one of the greatest thinkers of the twentieth century.

Creator of general and special relativity, co-founder korpuskularno-wave theory of light. Awarded Nobel for an explanation of the photoelectric effect. Genius.

albert einstein.jpg

11th Louis Pasteur - scientist, chemist and a precursor of microbiology.


12th Galileo - astronomer, philosopher, physicist. Creator foundations of modern physics and the heliocentric theory.galileusz.jpg

13th Arsystoteles - next to Plato and Socrates, the most famous Greek philosopher.

Creator Aristotelianism, Christian variety is known as Thomism, and to this day is considered the official philosophy of the Catholic Church.


14th Euclid - ancient Greek mathematician, is best known as the "father of geometry", thanks to its unique work of "elements".

15.Mojżesz - is a biblical figure, leader of the Israelites during their escape from Egypt to the Promised Land.mojzesz.jpg

16.Charles Darwin - his theory of evolution.karol_darwin_afp_450.jpeg

17.Qin Shi Huang - China's first emperor, zjednoczyciel Warring States in China.Qin Shi Huang.jpg

18.Oktawian August - grandson of the sister of Julius Caesar, first Roman emperor.oktawian_august_z_prima_porta.jpg

19.Mikołaj Copernicus - Polish astronomer, mathematician, lawyer, economist, physician, astrologer. "Stopped the sun, the earth moved.Kopernik.jpg

20.Antoine Lavoisier - physicist and chemist, executed on the guillotine during the French Revolution. Creator of the first version of the law of conservation of mass.Antoine_lavoisier.jpg

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Dee said...

great article!

Sax said...

If you put up Christopher Columbus, why not Stalin, or Hitler? They all changed the world in a significant way, and very similarly.

heamoglobin said...

i wish you removed Prophet Mohammad(s.a.v.)'s picture from this article. you may not know but Muslim's wouldn't like his picture to be drawn as there may inappropriateness, falsity. etc..

Anonymous said...

Please remove pic of our holy prophet MUHAMMAD S.A.W.W

Anonymous said...

Christ should be first on the list, but no matter.
Leave the picture of the fake prophet Muhammed as it is.

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