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Medieval torture instrument seen as purifying the soul

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Despite the great interest aroused by the instruments of torture and thousands of Web sites that describe their characteristics and cruelty, most of the information coming to us is merely reductionism and stereotyped thinking away from those times.

Today, we just condemn the punishments of old, without assessing the context of the time, ie as the medieval man was placed before the universe.

Understanding the body as the abode of evil.

Any relation to the body followed the dualistic flesh / spirit. On one hand, the perishable, putrescible and ephemeral, the other, the particle immortal who've blurred the antics of the element putrid hence easy prey to misuse of their primary mission: the longing for heavenly perfection.

Therefore, the body is considered dangerous and contagious, the abode of all temptations. In it, the drives arise naturally uncontrollable, it is manifest that depends upon evil, either through corruption or by diseases and purulence that by mistreating the flesh, are susceptible to subvert the spirit.
Bibliography: History of private life - Collection directed by Philippe Aries and Georges Duby - Companhia das Letras - 1999, Volume II, pp. 515.

The punishment seen as the remission of the immortal portion of the criminal.
So, it's about body cleanser that punishment should be applied in order that sin and failure are censored. From this point of view it is easy to understand the teaching function of the methods of torture, not as tools of great use sadistic, but as a good moral zeal for the cosmic journey of sodomites, heretics, witches, pedophiles, homosexuals, kidnappers, traitors, murderers , forgers, polygamists, incestuous and blasphemers.

Lies about the systematic torture.
Contrary to advocates of later centuries, the condemnations of torture were employed in very rare cases, 1 to 2% of total trials. For the rest of the crimes, were intended milder punishments that ranged from banishment to prison.
'The Truth About Medieval Torture

Torture to make indelible marks on the soul.
Method of cleansing the soul through the ingestion of boiling water.
When we studied some techniques typical of medieval torture, such as impalement, skinning, piercing, tearing, slashing, etc.., We see that his immediate goal was not to enforce the death convicted, but prolong his pain and agony to mark for Always the soul of the tortured, so that never commit the same crimes again barbarians.

Disembowelling: Under this type of approach, the most highly regarded executioners of those times were not those that provided quick and painless death, but those who could impale a delicately tortured in order to keep him alive for weeks, infecting and rotting inside.
The same can be said of evisceration, when a deep cross section was perpetrated in the abdomen of the subject strapped to an iron bed and its guts were hanging, still connected to the body by means of hooks. Accordingly, the sentenced was over days and weeks of suffering rot that began to settle under the precarious conditions of hygiene and worms ejected by flesh flies that were attracted by the nauseating smell of intestines exposed.

Wheel of dismemberment: The victim was stretched on his back on the wheel with limbs extended and tied to the maximum in the iron plates. Beneath the wrists, elbows, knees and hips, crossed to wooden supports.
The executioner violent blows applied with the bar, breaking joints and breaking bones, but avoiding giving blows that could be fatal. This provoked a genuine paroxysm of pain, which greatly amused the audience. After the breakup, unraveling the intertwined and sentenced her members with the rays of the great wheel, leaving him there until befall death, after a few hours or even days. Then Raptors drew him pieces of meat and leaking eyes until the last breath. This was one of the most popular shows on the squares of Europe. Crowds of people flocked to enjoy a good breakup, as witness various drawings.

However, when we know that the rituals of torture often ended in break all the bones, deep cuts, loss of blood and brutal maceration of the vital organs, one might wonder if the perpetrators believed in the doctrine of reincarnation, while those convicted would in another existence bringing the painful unconscious memories of their crimes afterlife.
'Medieval Torture Instruments.

The dream of torture today.
Occasionally the society is shaken by brutal and heinous crimes, but as corrective renounce the soul, we just lock up the bad ones in cages, where they are eventually evade to re-commit new crimes, without which their souls have a chance to be purified.

The modern torture, perpetrated to purify anything.

Despite the global consensus that the practice of torture is barbaric to be eradicated from the earth, it is still used as a political tool and not just murderous dictatorships guerrillas, but also for supposed champions of democracy and freedom, such as the USA, whose main intelligence agency, the CIA, employed torture techniques, under the pretext of fighting terror, over the two-term Bush administration.

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