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16 Extraordinary Items They Only Sell At Chinese Walmarts

Posted by Think Extraordinary on 6:38 AM 8 comments

1. Crocodiles

  • 2. Bulk Rice

  • 3. Mixed Meat

  • 4. Orange Juice And Cooking Oil

  • 5. Turtles

  • 6. ?

  • 7. Walmart Brand Spirits ($0.15)

  • 8. Rib Cages

  • 9. Assorted Dried Reptiles

  • 10. Boxes Of Liquor

  • 11. Frogs

  • 12. A Large Selection Of Chopsticks

  • 13. Ducks

  • 14. Great Value Brand Beef Granules

  • 15. Pig Faces

  • 16. Antibacterial Bikini Underwear For Men

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    8 Responses so far:

    Anonymous said...

    I've purchased boxed liquor and chopsticks at a Chinese Walmart

    Anonymous said...

    love it

    Anonymous said...

    You have your turtles and frogs confused

    David said...

    No 6 are spicy Chinese sausages

    Anonymous said...

    The turtle and frogs are in the same bin.

    MissBossy14 said...

    wtf #8... anyone heard of baby back ribs.. not very extraordinary

    Anonymous said...

    what, you've never seen duck before? and ribs?, and rice? OK so the reptiles and amphibians might be a little strange to western eyes, but seriously... the freakshow of obesity parading around western stores is more outlandish than what's on the shelves here.

    Anonymous said...

    English people laugh our asses off at the things america thinks its ok to sell!!
    Porkbrains in milk gravy? aerosol cheese?! plastic toy grenades? notto mention that u can buy a camoflaged shotgun for guys and a pink shotguns for girls in the bloody camping section!!!! At least buying a pigs face wont lead to murders!

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