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Most expensive electric violin ever created

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Rock violinist (that’s a thing?) and super babe, Linzi Stoppard, barely preserved her modesty by covering up her 31-but-sexy-for-even-a-21-year-old body with the most expensive electric violin ever created.

The violin pictured above is actually one of two bespoke instruments created specifically for Linze and her rock-olinist musical partner, Ben Lee. Together, they form the mainstay of the heavy metal-inspired musical spectacle, FUSE.

Each violin is a customized Bridge electric violin encrusted with 50,000 Swarovski crystals, and each is worth an astonishing £1million. In an interview with Daily Mail , Linzi (who’s favorite band is Guns ‘N Roses) says this of the violins, “These violins are incredible, just stunning – the light explodes off the Swarovski crystals. We love the fact that whilst they have become pieces of art, we can still play the songs from our new album Fuse on them.”

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