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35 Coolest Bottle Openers

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Family Guy Talking Bottle Opener - Stewie

Each time you open a bottle, one of these five Stewie phrases will be projected by the bottle opener, in Stewie's voice of course! Phrase 1: Who the hell do you think you are! Phrase 2: Thank you, when the world is mine you death shall be quick and painless! Phrase 3: I've been a bawdy little monkey! Phrase 4: You will bow to me! Phrase 5: The outrages I have suffered today shall not be soon forgotten!When not in use, simply use the magnet and leave it on the fridge.
£8.95 via Prezzybox

Family Guy talking Bottle Opener - Brian

Another cool talking bottle opener. One of these will play every time you use your bottle opener. There are five phrases that Brian will say: 1.Who do you need to hump to get a dry martini around here! 2. Don't make me beg! 3. Aah, I need a cocktail! 4.I am not drunk, I just have a speech impediment! 5.I leave more personality in tightly coiled piles on the lawn!
£8.95 via Prezzybox

Ronaldinho Bottle Opener

This one has been sold on Ebay for $12,150.60 USD!

Bike Chain Bottle Opener

$9.50 via Mixtgoods

Zap Cap Bottle Opener

Place the zapper on top of any crown topped bottle, whack it with the palm of your hand and Bobs your uncle - one ice cold beer ready for consumption.

£5.95 via Prezzybox

The Opener Hat

The "OpenerHat" is another one of those "I wish I thought of that" ideas, sticking a bottle opener underneath the brim of a baseball cap. You can buy it for $15.95.

$18.95 via

Shark Bottle Opener

This cool Shark Bottle Opener is made from ABS plastic. Use the built in magnet to stick it to the fridge. $13.95 in green and orange, the only two colors that matter.

$13.95 via Hotflamingo

Sandal Bottle Opener

Sandal bottle opener with key chain in a shape of flip flop.

Source: Motivators

Credit Card Bottle Opener

This credit card shaped bottle opener is made from 1.2mm Stainless steel and it's in a size of credit card.

£6.95 via Crazyboutgadgets

Philips World Cup Universal Remote With Bottle Opener

You can get this Philips Universal Remote that's shaped like a football field, with the buttons representing the players. The added bonus is the bottle opener attached for easy drink opening.

Two important devices put together into one uber-device means you'll never lose the remote: since someone's going to be asking you for the opener every 5 minutes. The price is 10€.

Source: GadgetBlog

Ipod Shuffle Botle Opener

Another cool bottle opener, I might get one of these.

15$ via Mophie

Marine Corps Musical Bottle Opener

Another one, that makes sounds.This bottle opener plays The Marines' Hymn. Uses replaceable 1.5V batteries and is made of durable hard plastic. You can get it for $7.95.

$7.95 via Usmcshop

Simpson's Talking Bottle Opener

Simpsons' talking beer bottle opener for all suds lovin' chaps.

$9.98 via HarrietCarter.

Helping Hand Bottle Opener

With this one you'll never be left searching for your bottle opener again!

$6.99 via Perpetualkid

Forked Up Opener

Fork and bottle opener in one. Cool.

$9.99 via Perpetualkid

Stainless Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

Ideal for those urgent drink-related situations.

£14.95 via: Shinyshack

Talking Dalek Bottle Opener

Bottle opener where the Dalek screams out in trademark Dalek style - Alert! Alert! It has been exterminated.

Source: Comparestoreprices

Novelty Bottle Opener

This is voice recording bottle opener. Yes, you can actually record your voice with this one.

Source: Comparestoreprices

Cinderella's Slipper Bottle Opener

For all Disney fans, here is Cinderella's slipper bottle opener.

$12.99 via Disneyshopping

Vintage Parrot Bottle Opener

And something for antique collectors. This vintage cast iron parrot bottle opener with can punch by John Wright co. is original painted. The bottle opener is marked "OCEAN CITY, MD." and was probably once sold as a souvenir item.


$165.00 via Shop.Showcaseantiques

Coca Cola Illuminated Bottle Opener

Source: Magzila

Oddities Fish Bottle Opener

Another key chain bottle opener.

Source: Walkandtravel

Samurai Bottle Opener

I found that one on this blog :Surlybikes. I only know that is from Tokyo.

S.S. Argentina Hat Bottle Opener

I guess the next one is an antique too.

Source: Moore-Mccormack

Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Ring Thing

That one could be handy for me. This Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Ring Thing is a somewhat hidden treasure on your finger. It's a comfort to wear & it's guaranteed for life.

$16 via: LatestBuy

KGB Watch Bottle Opener

The introduction on the Ru21 website is kind of cool.

Introduction: The only "5 in 1" KGB Gadget in the world that features:

  • Watch
  • Hidden compartment (stores up to 6 RU-21 pills or spy microchips)
  • Bottle opener
  • Compass
  • Thermometer
  • Five code rules of the KGB:

  • Always hide your secrets
  • Always know what time it is
  • Always know where you're going
  • Always know how hot or cold it is
  • Always be ready to open a bottle
  • $19.99 via: Ru21

    Flashlight Carabiner Bottle Opener

    A bottle opener, a key chain holde and occasional utility light in one.

    Source: Alibaba

    Homer Fridge Magnet Talking Bottle Opener

    Another bottle opener from the Simpson family. The Homer talking bottle opener measures 13 cm in height and says three trademark phrases as you pry off that bottle cap. He says:
    -“80% of the Human body is water.... or in my case Beer!”
    -“To Alcohol ...The Cause of and Solution to all of life's problems!”
    -“Drink up! not drinking is only gonna make it worse”

    £9.50 via Gogo-gadgets

    Talking Homer Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

    Another one for all beer loving fans of the Simpsons. Slap on the 26 cm tall Homer head on your fridge and he will comment with random frases like: “Do you drink that brand? I'm not even desperate enough to drink that stuff.”
    “Hurry up and drink, that bottle 's not gonna empty itself! Unless you fall down and spill it.”
    “Hey, excuse me, but I've noticed you've fallen behind in your drinking.”
    “That better not be the last one ‘cos I'm still thirsty !”
    “Hey buddy…mind if I lick that cap!”
    everytime you open a bottle on the opener mounted at the bottom of his neck.

    DKK 339 ($50) via:

    Coors Light Bottle Opener

    Source: Awesomedeals911

    Billiard Ball Bottle Opener

    $4.40 via Platinumbilliards

    Golf Ball Bottle Opener

    $4.95 via Beau-coup

    Musical Rugby Ball Bottle Opener

    It plays "Swing Low Sweet Chariot".

    £6.99 via

    Evil Skull Bottle Opener

    $20 via Skullmanonline

    Rabbit bottle opener and bar stopper

    $25 via Plumparty

    Source:- bizarrearea

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