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7 types of women, which is afraid of every man

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We look at seven types of women who have asked our men have defined as a particularly difficult partner.

You can seduce anyone. The trick, however, including that grooming did not end with the first date, but it lasted the whole time of being together. In the case of some of the characteristics and behavior of our partner is not so simple. We look at seven types of women who have asked our men have defined as a particularly difficult partner.

Tylko nie ona!

Mother Polka

Do shopping, cook, zaceruje socks, and even fix dripping tap so that prove how much he cares about her man. Perfect woman? Yes but only for those men who like to be treated as small, helpless boys. However, there are few guys who would like to partner tried to think for them, and deprived of their autonomy.


This woman, who professes love for the partner to the grave and require the same from him. Romantic candlelit dinners, bouquets of flowers and holiday bilecikiem just the two, away from the people are also nice for your partner, but what if you can not function without them? And when that should be added to the daily calls, continuous questions about the former partner - is no longer so cheerful.


In his view, it is she is Aphrodite, and in the worst case, the earthly incarnation of divinity. Incidence of foot and continuous bowing treats like bread, and if they do not see immediately is directed towards people who have it to provide. Princess has a unique beauty, personal charm, money and everlasting success among men - everything. It is too wrapped up in concern for its own beauty, to see other people. It is obvious to her that the partner should be subject to all its caprices. If not, it changes most rapidly.


TBC on Monday, Tuesday, HiLo, Pilates on Wednesday, Thursday Aerobox, and the weekend swimming pool and bike. Fitnesska lives there to constantly improve the condition, strengthen and stretch every muscle, each tendon. There is no man who does not ugięłyby knees at the sight of her figure. Anyone who goes to bed with her certainly did not come out of it disappointed, unless of course you will survive. Male-weakling has no chance. Or you can match to the frenzied rhythm of life, or forget about it.


Liberated, devilishly intelligent and assertive burst. Often, feminist beliefs and has been active in organizations such Amnesty International and Greenpeace. Which of the men she loves vigorous and strong women? Provided of course that there is a limit to cut riposte and contempt for the conventions. The absolute level of criticism of customer service in each of visited the shop quickly turn into admiration for assertiveness in the sense of embarrassment and shame.


The worst type of all. Sex is a game for her, and only means to an end, which is that man literally dying for love and lust to her. Often, the mood changes: sometimes it is sweet and charming, sometimes icy cold and sarcastic again. Each of its behavior is thoroughly thought out. Once a man starts to subordinate it to humiliate and underestimate, gradually leading to mental collapse.


Knows what works on men and can skillfully reveal the undoubted charms of her body. It woman entertainment, without any major requirements. Many men may seem ideal. It's true, but on condition that they do not mind sharing with other men, which undoubtedly also enchant.

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