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9 Everyday Jobs That Attract Hottest Women

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Loose hygiene requirements and vending food privileges are not the only important job perks to consider upon choosing a new vocation. Often, it’s quite poignant to consider advancement opportunities, pension plans, and tax implications. Or, simply just choose the job with the easiest access to attractive women. Here are nine that should serve as a nice starting point.

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9. College Professor

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How many other semi-lucrative jobs provide legal access to 18-year-old girls who place an extremely high value on good grades and sexual exploration? College gals love pretending like they’re mature, and nothing says “respect my intellect” quite like sleeping with a married man who teaches Introduction to English Literature while waiting for his manuscript to get published.

To paraphrase Matthew McConaughey from Dazed and Confused, no matter how old professors may get, freshman girls always stay the same age.

8. Tattoo Artist

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Every free-spirited female who dropped out of Arizona State University because the scholastic workload was creatively stifling probably has some sort of tribal band or nonsensical Chinese character tattooed on her torso. Attractive (and often misguided) young ladies like expressing themselves through body art and since putting on the ink-based emblems can often take several hours, extended flirtation is almost inevitable.

7. Divorce Lawyer

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No place inspires revenge sex quite like divorce court. The idea of watching their husbands start dating a collection of 20-year-old borderline literate bartenders is enough to make most women jump into the arms of the first man they see. Luckily, that man is usually their sleazy lawyer who isn’t afraid to mix a little business with pleasure and then send an itemized bill to the ex-husband for "services rendered."

6. Pediatrician

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Single mothers don’t have the time or energy to put on a slutty top and start video chatting with the social winners who pay $34/month to join Internet dating sites. Contrary to popular belief, raising a child alone is not the cakewalk that every Lifetime movie of the week makes it out to be. Single mothers are focused on their kids and rarely come across romantic opportunities. That is, of course, until they enter the pediatrician’s office.

Fact: Kids get sick.
Fact: In America, these kids usually see doctors.
Fact: They rarely drive themselves to the appointment.

Pediatrician offices are a goldmine for single mother lovers. Hell, some well-adjusted predators hang out in waiting rooms just to catch a glimpse of some breastfeeding.

5. High-End Clothing Salesman

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According to Wikipedia, women love shopping. Oftentimes, they will ask for advice from employees who are paid to converse with attractive customers for hours at a time. Sure, not many women go to the mall thinking “I hope I meet an ambitious shoe salesman who can’t support the child I had with that bouncer who swore he was wearing a condom,” but there are still a lot of them willing to date a man who still wears a name tag to work.

Plus, not only are many women willing to get down on their knees for discounted Jimmy Choos, but some aspiring fashionistas may actually be attracted to a man who knows (or cares about) the difference between platform heels and four-inch pumps.

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