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15 Billboards That Don’t Belong Next To Each Other

Posted by Think Extraordinary on 7:31 AM 2 comments

It's probably not a good idea to put a billboard about teenage drinking next to a billboard about Bud Light. Especially if that Bud Light billboard has the slogan: “Always Worth It.”

1. The Boobie Bungalow and Jesus

  • 2. Cancer and Cigarettes

  • 3. Christ and Dunkin Donuts

  • 4. Strippers and Doing Good Things

    I understand this one is debatable.

  • 5. Cats and Jesus

    Again, debatable.

  • 6. Homosexuality and Funny Slogans

  • 7. Carrots and Aerobics

  • 8. Sausages and Skin Care

  • 9. Racers and Jesus

  • 10. McDonalds and Obesity

  • 11. Guns and Caskets

  • 12. Teen Drinking and Bud Light

  • 13. Jesus and Problems

  • 14. Carrots and Bending Over

    What's up with carrots?

  • 15. Embryos and Eggs

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    Anonymous said...

    It's funny because the picture in #14 says "The world's fastest carrot"

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