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8 Brilliant Artists from Deviant Art, drawing-illustrations

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The artist started experimenting with drawing and illustrations about 5 years ago giving birth to a fictional character called “Pepper”. Now its become a full fledge project where other artists contribute several drawings and styles to the

Artgerm: Pepper

Cellar-FCP:Two Prostitutes

This is a work of art was part of a book cover project. The lightning and brush strokes bring this art to life. Simply brilliant!

JPRart:Captain Jack Sparrow

It looks like a picture, doesn’t it? This 3D art has won several awards, featured in magazines and decorated the book covers.

Arcipello:Colours in the Dark

The artist took about 8 months to finish the design (on and off). The image tries to depict how a visually impaired person feels the colors instead of seeing them.

JerryCai:Summer Girl

Great work! Clear face and brushed/blurred surroundings give it a distinct effect.

Leonidafremov: CORRIDA

I’ve never seen this technique before, it looks awesome. I strongly recommend visiting this artists profile to view all of the work.


j00nk1m110:Art is a Creation

Artist took about 7 hours to finish this image. It was also featured on Daily Deviation. The image literally looks like the artist is bringing the character to life as he completes the pencil work.

SpaceCoyote:Zuko’s Cover Art

This image was created as part of the book cover project for “The Last Airbender”. Look brilliant, the lightning and color composition are great!

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