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Creative Human Body Shaped Shower

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You'll never have to shower alone again.
The Aquanatass is a new sculptural shower shaped like the human form created for Bagno Sasso by sculptor and artist Hubert Rieber.

Water is emitted from the shower in a stream from the 'mouth' and/or a 'spray' from the head.

As the sculpture shower appears when not in use (shown in aluminum):

The Aquanatass shower sculpture is available in bronze, aluminium or wood.

The Aquanatass shower sculpture is sold exclusively through Bagno Sasso in Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. In co-operation with Hubert Rieber further shapes will be realized. All sculptures are hand-made and manufactured in limited edition.

Sculptor Hubert Reiber in his studio/ atelier:

The shower's shape is reminiscent of his contemporary human body sculptures:

The Aquanatass is suitable for private residential bathrooms as well as commercial and retail applications like hotels, yachts and Spas."Aquanatass is an exciting product and the slender and sculptured design completes our collection in an ideal way" says Rolf Senti, CEO of Bagno Sasso.
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