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Young Russian politicians to play football to win cow

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Russian politicians to play football

Leaders of Russian political youth organizations will play football to try to win a cow, ruling United Russia party supporters said Thursday.

"We decided to support the initiative of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to hold a football world cup in Russia, and we are arranging a tournament with the participation of leaders of Russia's largest youth organizations," Dmitry Nosov, head of United Russia's commission on youth affairs, said.

Participants include young teams from the ruling party and other parties, including Liberal Democrats, Yabloko, A Just Russia, the movements Nashi (Ours), Mestniye (Locals) and Young Russia, and students.

"The final match will take place on June 26 and will be opened by State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov. The winner will receive a cow," organizers said by RIA Novosti


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