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12 Elegant chair designs | Stylish modern chairs

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Stylish modern chairs and brilliant chair designs from all over the world.

Coconut Chair
Unique chair by George Nelson was inspired by the coconut shell.

Spirit House Chair
Elegant metal chair designed by Daniel Libeskind studio

Mariposa Chair
Stylish modern chair designed by Kate Rider from Scotland.

Loopy Chair
Elegant chair designed by Phillip Grass and made out of fiberglass.

Radiator Chair

Creative chair made out of recycled radiator by Jeroen Wesselink.

PRC Chair
Personal rocking chair designed to be hanged from the ceiling.

Lounge Chair
Elegant chair made from 152 layers of pine wood by Kyle Buckner.

Ovalia Egg Chair
Classic egg chair from the 60s designed by Henrik Thor-Larsen.

Flying Chair
Modern chair designed by Phillip Grass and covered in chrome.

Aviator Chair
Leather and aluminum chair inspired by World War II bomber planes

Wire Chair
Elegant chair created out of black wire by Phillips de Pury.

Doeloe Chair
Unique lounge chair designed by Abie Abdillah from Indonesia.

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