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Top 9 Deadly Plants on the Earth

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1. Amanitas – Destroying Angel

There are no known antidotes for Amanita poisoning; however, victims have survived after receiving liver transplants.

2. Castor Bean
he castor-oil plant was found exclusively in Africa and India for both ornamental and commercial use. It is now found in North America and most tropical regions. It is most often grown for ornamental purposes.

3. Belladonna Atwpa belladonna
All parts of this plant are deadly, especially its roots, leaves, and berries.

4. Barbados Nut
The threat of ivy like plant lies in the deceptively pleasant taste of the seeds. They are so delectable that anyone who tastes one will instinctively eat more of them.

5. Hemlock
The hemlock is native to Europe and Asia, that has found a home in the United States. It is a common sight in unattended, pristine locales around farm buildings, especially in the states along the eastern and western seaboards.

6. Jimsonweed
The entire plant has an unpleasant odor, and the fruit, which appears in autumn, is prickly, ovoid or globular, and contains numerous wrinkled black seeds.

7. Lily of the Valley
The white bell-shaped flowers of the lily of the valley are well known, however, the plant occasionally bears orange-red, fleshy berries, which are lesser known to the general public.

8. Monkshood
Monkshood is found throughout the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere. Western monkshood is found at higher altitudes in the northern Rocky Mountain and Pacific Coast states.

9. Rhododendron
The rhododendron is found just about everywhere. Rhododendron plants are evergreen shrubs often forming dense growths in Canada and in the United States.

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