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Unusual jewelry | gold-plated plated brass accessories

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Unusual jewelry created by Imme van der Haak out of gold plated brass.
Plastic bodies, haptic suits, artificial limbs as fashion accessories: We have arrived at the post-human juncture William Gibson and Ridley Scott predicted years ago. Need more proof? Take a peek at the body-distorting jewelry of Dutch designer Imme van der Haak.

Van der Haak's gold-plated brass accessories go everywhere jewelry's not supposed to go: up your nose, around your entire ear, in your eye socket. They make fresh-faced models look like laser beam-wielding replicants, which, we guess, is all the rage nowadays.
Last month, we brought you news of face-botching jewelry from the designer Burcu Büyükünal. We had doubts that it would catch on, except among disturbed teenagers who've read too much J. G. Ballard. Now we're not so sure. What'll it be next: Injecting our faces with botulism?

[Via Today Tomorrow; Images via Imme van der Haak]

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