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The Law, the Willow, and the Wicked Witch of Wasilla.

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As some of you may know I received a tip a few weeks back about Willow Palin and some potentially criminal behavior. What you don't know is that after initially being very anxious to tell their story, the sources got cold feet and became reticent to speak to me about it.

Many back and forth e-mails and conversations took place, but I was not able to convince them to come forward. The stated reason was a desire for privacy and a fear of retribution from Sarah and Todd Palin who many in the Valley still find intimidating.

I had just about given up on getting any useful information, and then something rather fortunate happened.

The new upstart blog AlaskaWTF, put up this post.

Reading that the story was going to come out from another source (I sort of sent them the link to let them know), my sources decided that it was important to get the correct story published.

This is what I learned.

On December 13, a Wasilla homeowner discovered that the home they had for sale, but were no longer living in, had been broken into and vandalized.

The lock had been forced, five wooden doors had been so badly damaged they needed to be replaced, the walls and floors had been gouged with knives, and vodka and orange juice containers were strewn all over the house. It also appeared that sexual activity had taken place on some of the beds, and a computer, some winter gear, and clothing had all been stolen.

Calculations are that the home suffered between twenty to thirty thousand dollars in damage. Sources say it appeared the teens stayed in the house for several hours, perhaps even overnight.

The Troopers were quickly notified and the investigation began. And at first there were very few leads.

Then in January some information came to light which identified one of the perpetrators. This led to the revelation that the participants were 12 local teens who had used the empty house for a party, a party which had clearly spun badly out of control.

As you have undoubtedly surmised by now one of the teenagers identified was Willow Palin.

As the investigation progressed the children’s parents were notified one by one, including the Palins.

When Sarah was confronted with Willow’s involvement she at first said that it was impossible since Willow was out of town. However when Troopers interviewed the other teens, every single one of them identified Willow as a participant, and further revealed that it was she who directed the other teens to the house, which she knew to be empty, for the sole purpose of having a party. (In today's post AlaskaWTF called Willow the ringleader. Which is accurate in that it was she who knew the location of the house, but whether or not she was involved in the incredible destruction is still undetermined.)

Now confronted with this new information you may assume that the Palins would do the right thing and surrender their daughter to the authorities, allow her to suffer the consequences of her actions, and then treat this as a painful but necessary learning experience.

If you believed that for even an instant then you don’t know squat about Sarah Palin.

No instead Sarah circled the wagons (There are rumors she even hired legal counsel) and she started to call in favors. Scandal had to be avoided at all cost. (This was right around the time that her contract with Fox News was being announced.)

According to sources close to the Alaska State troopers there was a secret weekend meeting. This meeting took place between the Palin’s and some very highly placed people involved in the juvenile justice department.

Directly after this secret meeting the word came down to the juvenile justice probation officer, Chris Evans, that ONLY the boys who had participated would be charged with the crime. The girls would only be identified as “witnesses” and face no criminal penalties.

So of the eleven Palmer teens who accompanied Willow to the Wasilla house two or three of the participants are adults and will stand trial, the five boys will be charged as juveniles for breaking and entering and vandalism, however thanks to Sarah and Todd, the girls will essentially walk away free as little birdies. Which is in direct opposition to the wishes of the probation officer in charge of the case who wants to charge all to them equally.

This has made the State Troopers and those working in the juvenile justice department very, very unhappy. But there was nothing they could do, the Palins had connections, and for them apparently the law simply did not apply.

As of right now the Palins have not offered to pay for the damages to the property and have refused to allow Willow to suffer any significant consequences. And this is the example of personal responsibility and courage that certain members of the GOP believe would be a great leader for this country? Unbelievable isn’t it?

By the way, there are a couple of very interesting coincidences in this story. For one thing do any of you remember where Todd, Sarah, Piper, and Trig were headed to on December 14th, the day after this discovery?

Yep you are right! They were on their way to Hawaii!

Now would you fly off to Hawaii if your daughter had just been involved in a breaking and entering?

Probably not.

So it is conceivable that at this time Sarah would be completely unaware of the break in and her daughter's participation.

Now how long do you think it would take for SOMEBODY to start to panic and call mom? One day? Two days? Maybe it took three days?

Interesting, isn’t it? We all thought she came home out of embarrassment over the scrutiny she was receiving over her blacked out McCain visor and of course her legs, but in fact the hurried flight home may have been in response to this unfortunate incident.

Okay look I know I am going to receive a ton of negative blowback on this post (Boy wouldn’t THAT be a first!), so let me just say that this post is not a condemnation of Willow Palin. As many of you know I like Willow. In fact she has always been my favorite Palin.

As a kid everybody does stupid things, and I was certainly no exception. This is not about Willow making a bad choice. This is about the fact that Sarah Palin has a history of covering up for her children’s mistakes, and bullying people into staying quiet about it.

Willow could be charged right long with the other kids. As a first time offender she would probably pay a fine and do community service. When she turned eighteen her record would be scrubbed and she would walk away with a valuable life lesson. It might be embarrassing but it would also be the kind of experience that keeps a young person from making a similar mistake as an adult. Instead Willow is allowed to fly all over the country and get treated like a celebrity, while many of her friends are left back home in Alaska to face serious consequences.

And don’t think for one minute that Sarah Palin is doing this for her child. Sarah is doing this for Sarah. Having her fifteen year old connected to this crime would reflect poorly on Sarah's image as the perfect parent, in the perfect marriage, with the the perfect children. We all know how laughable that is but it is the image that Palin has worked extremely hard to promote. And the one that her mindless acolytes swallow whole without question.

Any of us who are parents know that for Willow to learn about justice she needs to face the consequences for her actions, just like everybody else who participated in this criminal behavior. By “protecting” her Sarah is teaching her that with enough money, or influence, the law cannot touch you. Is that really a lesson to teach your children only a few short years before you send them out to face the world on their own?

However this time Sarah may have made a very unfortunate calculation. Sarah counted on the people of the Mat-Su Valley to still be intimidated by her, but that may not in fact be the case. Sources have told me that a number of the parents are very unhappy that their children will face charges and that Willow and the other girls will not. Add to that the frustration being felt by the law enforcement professionals assigned to the Valley and I think we can count on this not being the last we hear about this unfortunate incident.

During a conversation with one of my sources I asked why people are still so intimidated by the Palins, and listened to a laundry list of shattered lives left in their wake. Some I already knew, but a few I had never heard of before. Sarah has been running roughshod over the people of the Mat-Su Valley since her days as mayor of Wasilla, as first pointed out in Anne Kilkenney's famous letter back in September 2008. and apparently nothing has changed. Nor will it until the people who have been bullied or victimized by her stand up and say, "Not just no, but HELL NO!"

Update: For those who believe they have heard this story before you are correct. The National Enquirer covered this story back in January. They had some facts wrong, such as the number of participants, but they do have some additional facts that I chose to leave out.

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