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Strength in Cologne "sex tax", introduced to other cities in Germany

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Paris France (Paris), and women rights groups legalization of prostitution in France "Law and Prostitution '(prostitution and the law)," Women of the members (2010, taken on March 24, the text does not matter). (c) AFP / BERTRAND GUAY

North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia) In the state, Cologne (Cologne) Introduced the city "sex tax" that has been successful, and also decided to follow other local governments.

City of Cologne in 2004, women for the profession of prostitution monthly 150 euros (about ¥ 18,500), one for the brothel is 3 euros per square meter (about 370 yen) decided to impose a special tax Ta. Since "sex tax" is a strong tax revenues in 2009 is 80 million euros (about ¥ 9900 million) of tax revenues was.

Following a severe financial situation in each municipality in the prolonged recession, the same North-Rhine Westphalia in Essen (Essen), Duisburg (Duisburg), Dortmund (Dortmund) And the city, the provincial government "sex tax" applied for approval. Interior and the state government, "to expedite the process" and willing.

In Germany, prostitution is not illegal industry, as a principle and scope of the general tax law and labor standards. (c) AFP

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