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23 People Dead in unique ways

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1. Died of intention to reach the moon shadow in the water

Chinese poet Li Po (VII-VIII century AD) is a famous poet, who liked to get drunk. At one point he was drunk when boat ride across the river Yangtze. He saw the shadow of the moon on the water. Because drunk, he tried to reach out to hug her shadow, but failed. As a result he fell into the water and drowned.

2. Died of a beard

Austrian Hans Steininger was famous for his beard was the longest in the world. Length is about 140 cm. On one day in the year 1567, a fire that requires everyone to run. He forgot to tie a long beard. In her haste, he stepped on himself and fell off his beard. Her neck was broken and he died instantly.

3. Died due to hold back urination

Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) was an astronomer. In 1601, he was attending a banquet of a very old, in Prague (now Czech Republic). Customary in those days believed that the blur in the middle of dinner, including for waste water, is very rude. As a result he was forced to hold pee during the banquet. Bladder extends to the threshold, and there was an infection (cystitis) are fatal. He died 11 days later.

4. Death by conductor rod

Jean Baptiste Lully is the conductor who led the orchestra in a celebration of healing from the pain of Louis XIV in 1687. Being too excited, he just dropped the rod conductor toe. Occurs abscess (infection with pus) and followed by gangrene (decay). Lully refused amputation, and he finally died from an infection that spreads throughout the body.

5. Died of his tongue bitten

Allan Pinkerton (1819-1884) was a renowned detective agency with his Pinkerton detective agency. One day he was walking on the sidewalk. He slipped. Not accidentally bitten tongue, and there was an infection which later killed him.

6. Died due to kick box

Similar to Lully, but this occurred in the early 20th century to Jack Daniel, a businessman famous whiskey from Tennessee, USA. On one morning he wanted to open a coffin, but he forgot the combination. He was raging and kicking the crate. One of the injured fingers, inflamed (infected), and finally killed him.

7. Died of orange peel

Bobby Leach (1858-1926) was a stunter. He also person second in the world to successfully conquer Niagara Falls with his barrels. He died in 1926, two months after her leg amputated. Why? Apparently she slipped on the skin caused by stepping on oranges in the streets, in New Zealand. Broken legs and severe infection. At that time there has been no antibiotics ....

8. Died due to parachute failed to inflate

In 1912 Franz Reichelt claims to have developed berparasut jacket. A new discovery. He wanted to try to jump from the top of the Eiffel tower. Previously he was planning to wear a doll, but ultimately did not. He tested himself decided the jacket. Apparently, as many people feared, the jacket is not functioning and he died instantly.

9. Died after being poisoned, shot 4 times, beaten and eventually drowned

Grigori Rasputin (1869-1916) was first poisoned with cyanide. Dose equivalent to killing 10 people. But as it is known later that sianidanya been damaged by the heating of food, he did not die. Then he was shot from behind by Felix Yusupov and his friends. He did not die as well. He was shot again 3 times, but not dead. Rasputih finally beaten with sticks and finally sunk into the River Neva is cold. From the results of an autopsy, the cause of death is actually sinking.

10. Died of a baseball

Ray Chapman (1891-1920) is known as the only player who was killed in a baseball game. He died because his head hit the ball from Carl Mays pitch. At that time, baseball pitchers are always covered the ground by the ball before the throw, make it difficult for opponents to see the ball.

11. Death by scarf

Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) known as figures of modern dance. She likes to wear scarves on the move. In September 1927, he was in a car, with windows open (!), And the cars move in high speed. At that time he wore a large shawl. Because shawl "flying" up to a car tire, he choked once from a car window.

12. Died when he talked about Hitler

In 1943, a critic of Nazism and fascism was called Alexander Woolcott died after suffering a heart attack during the middle of talking about Adolf Hitler's.

13. Died on the concert stage

Leslie Harvey, guitarist of Stone the Crows, died in 1972 due to an electric shock from the microphone he used on the concert stage.

14. Died in TV broadcasting

Christine Chubbuck (1944-1974) was the only television reporter who died in the midst of live television. He shot himself in the head on the broadcast Suncoast Digest (WXLT-TV) on July 15, 1974 with a 38 mm revolver. Chubbuck was already in trouble with protracted depression.

15. Died due to "kill the robot"

Robert Williams was trying to retrieve an item in storage rack for Ford Motor's Flat Rock because the robot is not working. Suddenly, the robot moves and the robot arm struck the head of Williams. He died instantly on January 25, 1979. Only 2 years ago, a similar accident occurred in Japan. Kenji Urada which ultimately failed to turn off the robot inadvertently pushed him into a grinding machine (!).

16. Died of a severed helicopter

Victor Morrow (1929-1982) and the 2nd person with whom the child actors were killed by helicopter blades severed when she was filming for the movie Twilight Zone, in 1982. The case prompted the United States government to revise laws and child labor protection, security and assurance of safety regulations on location.

17. Death by cactus

Still in 1982, David Grundman and a friend were out hunting cactus. They met a large cactus. Saguaro cactus cactus is nearly 8 feet tall which was about 100 years. In front there is a small cactus. They opened fire on a small cactus once, successfully. Now turn that big. But what happened, even the giant cactus had shot up to a hole, and finally fell on Grundman. He died instantly. Really revenge by cactus!

18. Death by bottle caps

Tennessee Williams (1911-1983), American playwright, died of strangulation swallowed a bottle cap when he was drunk at a hotel in New York. This is apparently related to the habit of putting the lid on both eyes and his mouth while drinking.

19. Died jape

Dick Shawn (1924-1987) was droll about political campaigns in the United States. After saying "I Will not lay down on the job!" (I will not resign!), He immediately lay on the floor. The audience thought it was part of the joke. But because he did not wake up again, some officers had checked the stage and perform emergency breathing assistance. Not long after he died.

20. Died during the "reconstruction"

In 1991, a 57-year-old Thai woman named Yooket Paen, slipped on cow dung was walking in her garden. After that he was naked prisoner of a cable (without the wrapper), and was electrocuted to death. After the funeral, the younger brother came to the gardens Paen. He also slipped on the same cow manure, the same cable prisoner, and died as well.

21. Death by sheep

In 1999, Betty Stobbs was feeding his sheep on a motorcycle. Food for the sheep is located on the tailgate on his motorcycle. At that time, the sheep are apparently being starved. They also raided the tailgate, to the extent Stobbs was thrown into the abyss as deep as 30 meters. He had not died due to "throw" it. But where are the bike? Turns out there right behind him, and he hit his motorbike killed himself.

22. Died of a bookshelf

November 2006, Mariesa Weber (38 years) thought to be lost. 2 weeks, he has not found his family (though he died at home alone!). But he eventually found under a pile of fallen bookshelf. Apparently he was trying flashy television cable into an electrical outlet, which can only be achieved by standing on the desk next to a bookshelf. But unfortunately he fell head first, and shelves fell on Weber's part.

23. Died of an online game

In 2005, Lee, a 28-year-old South Korean, were killed after 50 hours of nonstop playing Starcraft at an internet cafe in Daegu. Starcraft is an online game

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