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Extraordinary Signs & Ads around the world

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Where all the cops hang out

Warning :Trespassers will be Prostituted??

Truck vs Pole

Tee theft

There is hope

Terrible street name

Slow down

Please stop giving me tickets

No standing anytime

Marco Polo

Lotus police car

Letter crooks

Ironic sign

Ironic crash

Insured by mafia

Horni police

Have you been Naughty or Nice ?

Go Ahead

Thai police have erected fake crash sites, like the one below, as a drunk driving deterrent. They're intended to frighten locals out of drinking and driving.

Exxon help Wanted

Duel Zone

Drive Drunk

Danger Police in Area

Cops Donuts

Confusing Sign


Cant Trust the Police

Better get the extra Insurance next time

404 Road not found

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