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'Tennis Girl' one of the best selling photo history

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Photography 'Tennis Girl' by Martin Elliott in September 1976, is an icon that has transmitted the sexual liberation, the permissive society, hostility towards the rules and authorities in the early 70s.

The author with his work.

A symbolic sign that as a poster and for the price of £ 2 has sold over 2 million copies and ranking as the bedroom walls of many adolescents.

Parodied many times there are many versions of this famous photo. I could not miss the representation with Lego toys. Photo Balakov. See the photo studio.

Elliot Martin recently passed away, at that time photography student at the University of Birmingham, asked his then-girlfriend Fiona Butler for 18 years to pose for him with a borrowed dress, rackets and tennis balls.

Celebrities such as comedian Alan Carr and singer Kylie Minogue carried out its own vision of the photo.

The poster made a fortune for its author, but the model is not charging anything. Although Fiona Butler later married a millionaire and has never been ashamed of his lodging.
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