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Colossal Galactic Supercluster Discovery: 800 Trillion Suns - [wow]
Strange Facts about Pinball Machines - [interesting]
Street Art Kissing Couples sweeping the streets of France - [graffiti Art]
Five Vital Black and White Photography Tips - [Photography Tips
Inside the World's Biggest Private Jet - [wow pics]
Best Micro-Photos of 2010 - [fascinating]
William Gibson Speaks about Google - [future trends]
Great Pop-up Paper Art! - [wow video]
All the World Loved Swastika before WW2 - [mind-bending]
Locks of Love: Awesome Street Art - [pics]
Extraordinary Silver Beetle Found! - [wow nature]
Iraq Deaths Put on A Map - [an eye-opener]
Destroying Huge Observation Wheel... by Hand - [fun video]
Steampunk Conversion of Typewriters - [order it here!]
Recycled Human Ashes? Wow - [weird art]
Prague Astronomical Clock: Spectacular! - [wow video]
Incredible Beluga luxurious yacht, Ruler of the Seven Seas - [luxurious items]
Stylish Daydream Hotel design in Italy - [luxurious Hotel]
Cool & Creepy Halloween Party Foods - [weird]
Weirdest Pumpkin Carvings - [pics collection]
Strange and Gruesome Dolls - [weird art]
Building from Tetris - why not? - [architecture]
Abandoned San Francisco - [photography]
Indian Giant Squirrel, Weird - [nature]
Extreme Weather Instability Strikes Again!, more - [scroll down]
The Ghost Billboard... - [cool art]
Pretty Neat optical Illusion - [cool video]
Verrrry Generic News Report - [fun video, some language]
Deadly! Memory Card Testing - [wow video]
Trading a Piece of Paper - [hilarious video]
How to Crash a BMW, and a Mercedes - [spectacular stunts]
Action Figure of YOU. Order yours here - [cool site]
10 Greatest Animal Photobombs - [compilation]
Monsoon Floods in Pakistan - [extreme weather]
Travel Photography Blog on Steroids - [travel site]

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